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Company History:

Chef created, student tested and tasted. FEEBURGER’S started as a homemade sauce to mimic the Famous Nick Tahou’ hot sauce that topped his “Garbage Plates” but with a different flavor. I became a teacher in the spring of 2000 and that fall is when it all started. My students wanted to make plates and of course we needed to have a meaty hot sauce to go on top, and so it began. Once a month we would have plates and we would change the recipe each time until we were happy with both the flavor and the heat. At the same time I also was sampling the sauce at every gathering I went to whether it was put onto hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni salad or French fries. It got to a point that when I was invited to an event I could not attend unless I brought the sauce, needless to say I brought the sauce.

After years of prodding the sauce was finally bottled with a team effort from family members in January of 2010.

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